Recent Projects
  Since its founding, DeLise Consulting was incorporated in 1994 and has taken on a variety of projects, some of which are described below.

Embedded Systems Signal-Fire Telemetry Firmware for an ARM7 based mesh radio network to cell gateway.
Firmware for an ARM7-based mesh radio network to Ethernet gateway.
Developed/productized FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) radio protocol for a mesh sensor network application.
Developed MSP430-based single chip FHSS radio and application processor for 'smart node' applications.
Test Devices, Inc. Designed a custom ARM7 (AT91SAM7X) based test instrument, including hardware, firmware, and Windows software, including a 100Bt ethernet interface with Modbus-TCP/IP.
Firmware enhancements to improve response time and fault detection for an 8085-based high speed tachometer used in spin test applications.
Hydro-Test Products ARM7 and 8051 based controller board hardware, firmware, and Windows applications for hydrostatic cylinder test products.
AT91SAM7S64 based controller hardware and firmware for various automated filling products.
nTAG Interactive Firmware team member for AT91 ARM7 based interactive name badge product.
Other Clients Firmware for a soft start motor controller with protection features, written in C for 80C196.
Firmware and windows configuration app for an 80C196 based motor protection device.
Firmware for a TMS320C32 DSP based 3-phase current/voltage metering board.
Firmware for an 8051-based Square-D Sy/MAX to Modbus RTU protocol translator.
Java/Web Fluent Enhanced portal and implemented SOAP-based web service for a secure remote CFD simulation service.
SimUtility Consultant/Architect for secure web portal and application access product using Java servlets and other technologies.
Kylor Corporation Created a Java/JavaScript Web browser-based front end for a product configuration toolkit.
Windows GUI Compaq Computer Corporation Win32 MFC-based remote diagnostic console for the GS-320 AlphaServer, using 2-d and 3-d graphics, bitmap animation, sound, and other multimedia to graphically depict an actual server based on an RS-232 or Telnet connection to the server's console port.
Hydro-Test Products Windows applications to manage automated hydrostatic cylinder test products. (C#, SQL CE, .NET)
Apollo International Windows configuration app for Modbus-based motor and feeder protection devices. (Win32, MFC)
Revise Corporation User interface to a laser microchemical etcher, with live picture-in-window video, navigation using stage movement, and I/O to a PMAC® machine controller and a 10W Argon laser.
Motif GUI Midnight Networks Prototype network diagnostic utility for a major financial services client.
MCI Communications Telesales activity dashboard with various graphs and network displays.
Dragon Systems (Nuance) Alpha OSF/1 port of a speech collection utility.
Digital Equipment Corporation Network status display plus client/server infrastructure for a portable (Windows, NT, Unix, VMS) based distributed computing demonstration.
Database Applications MCR Federal, Inc. Financial Management System analysis, reengineering, and development for MCR clients at Air Force Electronic Systems Center, Hanscom AFB, Concord, MA. Visual Basic, Access, SQL Server, ActiveX controls, Automation.
Network Management Wellfleet/Bay Networks Added support for new protocols and router features to the Site Manager network management user interface for Windows 3.1 and Unix.
Product Configuration Kylor Corporation Product consulting and a new constraint engine for the Alpha Configuration Utility, a Windows application which builds valid configurations for the entire Digital Alpha product line
Digital Equipment Corporation Portions of a Windows based configuration demo for the Digital 2100 Server family, used as a sales collateral during announcment.
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