Chris DeLise, President

Chris DeLise founded DeLise Consulting in 1993, after working for over ten years as an employee of various corporations, including Digital Equipment Corporation, Tektronix, and Integrated Computer Solutions of Cambridge, MA.

At Digital, Chris helped to develop firmware for in-circuit emulators for the 16-bit J-11 and the original MicroVAX-II CPU. This led to an investigation of CAE tools and a position at Tektronix/CAE Systems doing application engineering and work on customer specials, mainly in the design management area. He returned to Digital in 1987 to continue work on an integrated design management system based on the EDA Systems, Inc. PowerFrame product. In 1992, Chris joined ICS and began work on a workgroup product. He also ported the Builder Xcessory Motif GUI builder to VAX/VMS and Alpha/VMS.

Chris earned his BS in Computer Science at RPI in 1983. Previously, he studied piano at the Juilliard School in New York. Chris lives in Boxborough, Massachusetts with his wife and children, and enjoys playing classical and jazz piano, technical theater, ultimate frisbee, and family outings.

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